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The range PF-165 of Celux, is a lighting system with IP-65 protection thought to make continuous lines of light, angles and different creations with no limit to the imagination.


The PF165-SPF-C is a surface luminary made in extruded aluminium perfect for different applications, it is a luminary for every type of places and environments.


Available in 3.000 and 4.000 K.
Useful life of the LED of 50.000 hours.
High lighting eficiency, over than 100lm/W.
Body manufactured in extruded aluminium with the maximum quality.
Optic made by an acrylic louver with high performance, special for LED.
Protection degree IP-65.
Options: Emergency kit, adjustment systems, WIELAND connection, profiles union and colours.
Accesories: Joining pieces, closing profiles, wall supports, suspension kits, end caps and elbow joints 90º.
Made in Spain 100%.
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