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Configurable linear system with customized optics , adapted to our most success profile, the PF160.

A new solution for industrial lighting, thought for an easy, non expensive and quick replacement of luminaries in long corridors, supermarkets and industrial units.
With 5 different optics with high performance; the PF160-V is perfect to get the ideal lighting according to the needs; Asymmetric and symmetric optic, 30º , 60º and 110º opening.

Thanks to its incredible lighting efficiency and its performance, it is a very attractive product in quality-price relation, added to its easy installation, makes it one of the most attractive, modern and necessary luminaries in the market.


Body made in extruded aluminium with high quality.
Versatile luminary, it allows its installation like a single luminary, solution for continuous light lines.
Useful life over than 50.000h.
Easy assembling for electricians.
5 different and interchangeable optics to reach the perfect brightness for each project.
It requires little maintenance.
Options: Emergency kit, adjustment systems, WIELAND connection, profiles union and colours.
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