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Techincal luminary to be built in, adaptable to all the ceiling systems. It is perfect for different applications. Standard measurements of 600×300 and 1200×300, we can do special measurements of this luminary.


The range LEC-LED of Celux, is the perfect luminary for an office, hospitals, schools and all type of indoor places where it is necessary to put a luminary which fulfill the current laws with regards to lighting dazzle. All the family LEC-LED according to the needs of client.


Available in 3.000 and 4.000 K.
Useful life of the LED of 50.000 hours.
High lighting eficiency, over than 100lm/W.
Body made in thermo-enameled white steel sheet.
Optic formed by Three-dimensional parabolic louver designed for LED strips.
Options: Emergency kit, adjustment systems, aluminium qualities, intermediate plates, colour and WIELAND connection.
Made in Spain 100%.
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