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The downlight FCLED of Celux, are products with the maximum quality and guarantee, perfect to light every type of indoor places. The range FCLED, is totally user-adjustable with regards to the colour of the ring, power and colour temperature of the light.


The FCLEDQ-130, is a square downlight for LED to build in every type of ceilings, with a with of 130 mm, with the option of manufacture it to any measurement, in order to make use of a hole already existing, equipped with last generation COB, giving a high performance with a low consumption, perfect for its use in department stores, offices, corridors and showrooms.


Available in 3.000 and 4.000 K.
Useful life of the LED 50.000 hours.
High lighting efficiency, over than 100 lm/W.
Square trim with the first quality, finish with oven painting.
Optic formed by an specular aluminium reflector to add performance to the downlight.
Options: Emergency kit, adjustment systems, WIELAND connection, finishes of the trim and custom made sizes and lighting configurations
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