When we talk about customize an object, we indicate the ability of customizing, adapting to the needs or demands.

Like a manufacturer company we have the ability to develop our own designs, anticipating to the future needs of the customers, with a view to increase the offer of our catalogue. Our passion for innovation and creative design makes us to always be in continuous training and development, hand in hand with the last advances in technology, for the creation of outstanding luminaries in the market.

In face of the individual demands from our customers, Celux makes completely available the technical department, the machinery and especially human resources, for the joint development of the best technical solution. With the same dedication and interest for small projects as well as for the biggest ones, we are able to make the design process, development and execution in all their steps, hand in hand with the customer. From the computer design in three-dimension models till the final product, including all the intermediate steps, like the prototypes by means of a 3D printer, use of specialized machinery like punching machine, circular saws, metal cutting machine, milling machine, bending machine, etc., Celux has qualified staff in order to get the best solution for the final product.

By this way, in Celux we are not only qualified to assume any challenge in the field of customized design, but a large curriculum and a big number of satisfied customers support us.

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