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The luminary Luna is a wall lamp to be built in, which gives an indirect light, specially thought to indicate and as support light.


The body is made by an aluminium profile and the frame is decorative. The Luna wall lamp, is used to emphasize and indicate a place or object into the same room. It is perfect for showrooms, corridors, department stores, or classrooms. As manufacturers, we don’t put limits with regards to measurements. Under query.


Available in 3.000 and 4.000 K.
Useful life of the LED of 50.000 hours.
High lighting efficiency, over than 100 lm/W.
Made in aluminium profile with the first quality.
Driver inside the wall lamp to make easier its installation.
Inside asymmetric reflector in anodized aluminium with acrylic diffuser in order to protect the LED.
Options: Emergency kit, adjustment systems, WIELAND connection, configurable colour and size of the wall lamp.
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